RE: New merchant Thu 14:17 londonbeat [Reply]
Thanks Please add 123 Refills at Avantlink....... more
RE: Pending Retirement Tue 09:35 icodes [Reply]
Any luck with your hosting getting it sorted?...... more
RE: Pending Retirement Mon 21:27 wizardpc [Reply]
is icodes down? getting error messages across a lot of stuff...... more
RE: New merchant Wed 08:05 icodes [Reply]
Added Yoins for Avantlink...... more
New merchant Wed 15:52 londonbeat [Reply]
Hello, please add YOINS at AL. Thanks...... more and (Upgraded) Thu 20:52 icodes [Reply]
Our PAYG platforms at and have been through some changes. We have discontinued the PAYG model and replaced it with a monthly subscription, current PAYG users can carry on as normal, but nobody else can register fo...... more
RE: Maykool Sun 22:00 icodes [Reply]
On shareasale it says.. Merchant MAYKOOL Int'l Group.LLC has gone offline due to lack of funds. Temporarily Offline for 4 days Last Offline: 05/30/2018 ...... more
Maykool Sun 19:59 londonbeat [Reply]
Hello, Does anyone know what happened to Maykool on SAS? Coupons become inactive for this merchant and I have to remove. On their website is still information they are on SAS, but I can't find them. ...... more
RE: Pending Retirement Mon 18:12 wizardpc [Reply]
seems that way mate...... more
RE: Pending Retirement Mon 17:21 icodes [Reply]
still here but desperately wondering whether it's worth it I think Google have successfully molded the internet into a place for only multi million pound companies to thrive :-( ...... more
RE: Pending Retirement Mon 16:50 wizardpc [Reply]
still here but desperately wondering whether it's worth it...... more
RE: Plans to accept payment via AffiliateCoin, Bitcoin... Mon 15:54 icodes [Reply]
I'm not really familiar enough with the technology of blockchains to know how real a problem this is, all I know is that banks and governments don't like crypto currencies so will try their very best to spread bad press about it in order to try and g...... more
RE: Plans to accept payment via AffiliateCoin, Bitcoin... Sun 18:44 shrewdie [Reply]
Hi Lee, thought a lot about this i.e. getting involved with AffiliateCoin at early doors. Too much risk for me and if the following article is to be believed there could be a major flaw in Crypto currencies. more
RE: Request to add deals Fri 18:45 icodes [Reply]
Really sorry about the delay with these, it's been a hectic week, i've now added them apart from can't seem to find "Lax World" in the new import....... more
RE: Worldwifi Thu 14:31 icodes [Reply]
Not heard of that Ian, i'll take a look later today. Apparently the blockchain technology is going to revolutionize everything in the future, i've not entirely got my head round it's full uses yet. Quora is a great place to ask questions and re...... more
Worldwifi Thu 13:43 shrewdie [Reply]
Hi Lee, I would be interested in your views/comments re World Wifi which appears to be a developing decentralised free wifi network powered by blockchain. How safe would it be? Ian more
RE: Request to add deals Mon 10:19 icodes [Reply]
Ill get those added for you today :-)...... more
RE: Request to add deals Sat 08:58 londonbeat [Reply]
Yes, These programs looks interesting: American Mission Black Diamond Equipment Burley Design CPAP Masks Discount Ramps Lax World Lax Zone Newchic Pure Hockey The Ready Project ...... more
RE: Pending Retirement Mon 21:03 icodes [Reply]
Hi Ian That looks an interesting read, will look at it later tonight. Yeah it's certainly sad times for the smaller affiliates, this obviously effects us a lot,also even though we don't require google traffic ourselves, if affiliates aren't getting ...... more
RE: Pending Retirement Mon 18:52 shrewdie [Reply]
Hi Lee After much research Iíve now also finally decided to pull out of affiliate marketing. It would appear that what free traffic you currently get is likely to disappear in the furure due to the development of Googles Ai and other factors (you ...... more