ProxyHulk affordable Private Proxies-shared Sat 02:17 Proxy-Mania [Reply] offer cheap Anonymous ( Private & Shared Proxies ) with low price starting at 15$ for with Unlimited Bandwidth and Multiple locations across USA our suppo...... more
RE: LinkConnector and reffering page Sun 10:20 icodes [Reply]
Iím afraid thatís something you will need to explain to linkconnector, itís not a referring website url, itís a redirect url which comes from your approved website. Itís no different for all the users using such as skim links, vigilinks etc, all the...... more
LinkConnector and reffering page Sat 21:25 londonbeat [Reply]
Hello, I just received message from LinkConnector about one of their merchant and reffering page. "It appears that you have placed some LinkConnector code on a site which has not been approved by the Merchant. As a result, you are not receiving...... more
Articles to Directories in the Newbie World Sat 05:00 asaakter [Reply]
As a newbie to the web world, I designed my first web site in December last year emaillist . Having read a number of publications, I was fully aware that I would have to produce li...... more
Plans to accept payment via AffiliateCoin, Bitcoin... Fri 12:04 icodes [Reply]
Some great news, we now have plans to add select crypto currencies as our accepted payment method, currently we only accept PayPal which is not available to some countries. We have decided on the following.. Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin[/...... more
RE: 3Gorillas and ppc branded terms Wed 13:02 icodes [Reply]
I think the only way is to block the google robots from searching your site, however this will also stop your site from appearing in google.. so to answer your question then there isn't as far as I can see....... more
RE: 3Gorillas and ppc branded terms Sun 10:47 WilberLar [Reply]
Is there a way of not appearing in Google Alerts, Londonbeat?...... more
RE: OIP live? Tue 15:31 dariushbabri [Reply]
Changing the order of the pages is a wordpress feature, not the plugin... Appearance > Menus... then drag to what order you want. (if you haven't already added them to a menu.. then you need to)...... more
RE: AWIN Rejections Fri 16:44 codesandoffers [Reply]
Same goes here! I have stopped applying. Sales are down 100% but not with other networks. Barbara ...... more
AWIN Rejections Fri 11:21 icodes [Reply]
Is it just us or are you finding rejection rates via affiliate window merchants are much higher than years ago? Seems we get rejected from just about every merchant we apply for....... more
RE: Hamleys Top Christmas Toys 2017 Fri 12:18 icodes [Reply]
Yeah, im afraid it's a fault with your theme, i've put it on this test site using the same theme and it's doing the same as yours.. ...... more
RE: Hamleys Top Christmas Toys 2017 Fri 12:04 codesandoffers [Reply]
Lee. it must be the theme, it's not the plugins, or the groupon ad. The theme is called Lark. I am sorry to be a nusiance. Thanks Barbara ...... more
RE: Hamleys Top Christmas Toys 2017 Fri 10:04 icodes [Reply]
Barbara, Can you let me know the name of your theme so I can test it here. i've tried 10 different themes and all working fine, it appears there could be an issue with your theme which is stopping the youtube videos from being reduced in size correc...... more
RE: Hamleys Top Christmas Toys 2017 Fri 08:04 icodes [Reply]
I'll get Vince to fix that, you won't have to do anything... just leave it in place. Looks like a /div is probably missing from the coding of the video ads at our end, which is needed by your theme and not by ours, also looks like the positioning is...... more
RE: Hamleys Top Christmas Toys 2017 Thu 21:16 codesandoffers [Reply]
Christmas Offers I used the javascript. Barbara...... more
RE: Hamleys Top Christmas Toys 2017 Thu 18:30 icodes [Reply]
Can't find anything wrong, tested them here.. Can you put them back on your site so I can take a look. Are you using Javascript or Shortcodes?...... more
RE: Hamleys Top Christmas Toys 2017 Thu 18:20 codesandoffers [Reply]
I added them to my site but they didn't look right, the only clickable link took you to youtube....... more
Hamleys Top Christmas Toys 2017 Thu 13:54 icodes [Reply]
If anyone wants to promote the top Christmas toys from Hamleys via ready made ads then just go here and grab them.. These are user added promotions, so you...... more
RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) Thu 12:11 icodes [Reply]
They are not yet included properly on Advertiserhub, but it's something we will eventually include...... more
RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) Thu 11:55 codesandoffers [Reply]
Can you still use the independent network for advertisers you don't cater for? ...... more