Amazon US ads down Fri 09:42 icodes [Reply]
We are aware the Amazon US ads no longer work, nothing has changed at our end and the UK still work fine. The same is happening on both Advertiser Hub and iCodes, and the plugins, so certainly not something we have done at our end as they are all ...... more
Creating Video Ads Sun 18:41 icodes [Reply]
You can now create YouTube Video ads on Advertiser Hub as the Image URL field can now also accept the YouTube ID. e.g. The YouTube ID is found at the end of e...... more
RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) Sun 10:12 codesandoffers [Reply]
Yes, I don't think it can be done, anyway.. it needs a 'stock checker plugin' but I can't find one. Barbara ...... more
RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) Sun 10:08 icodes [Reply]
Not sure what you mean, if i'm following you could add 'out of stock' and set them as 'expired', then edit expiry date when in stock again. As expired still show but 'faded out' you can still check them....... more
RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) Sun 08:50 codesandoffers [Reply]
Is there a way of adding 'In Stock' 'Out of Stock' (manually) I would keep a check on the items. (like new hard to get products and pre-orders) Barbara...... more
RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) Wed 16:23 codesandoffers [Reply]
It's ok now, my broadband was very slow, we went shopping and BT Openreach were working on it. maybe it cut off in the middle of adding it. Barbara...... more
RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) Wed 11:08 icodes [Reply]
I've skyped Vince and we have gone through the same procedure you explained but can't replicate the issue, can you try again, it may just have been a glitch. Lee...... more
RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) Wed 10:13 codesandoffers [Reply]
Vince, I don't know if you are working on it at the moment. I have just updated a Simply Games 'expired' it was a pre-order Forza 7 game, I was then adding a new pre-order 'The Evil Within 2' it didn't allow me to add the deeplink, there was no box t...... more
RE: Amazon added to Advertiser Hub Mon 11:51 icodes [Reply]
Glad you like it :-) No, it doesn't store the amazon deals on our server, they just come directly from amazon, they go via our server to convert the amazon API to ours in order to display the ads, but nothing is stored. Just to let you know, Vin...... more
RE: Amazon added to Advertiser Hub Mon 11:45 codesandoffers [Reply]
I like the addition of Amazon, they crawl well. Can I ask a question? When you add a keyword, say 'hatchimals' does it store them on your server, like the other networks? Barbara ...... more
Amazon added to Advertiser Hub Mon 10:46 icodes [Reply]
We have now added Amazon to Advertiser Hub, no need to create your own ads for this advertiser, it connects directly to Amazons API. Just select a category, add ke...... more
Filter Ads by Keywords Wed 11:22 icodes [Reply]
You can now filter ads by keyword(s), this is very useful to easily display all those Christmas deals, or to ensure you only get product specific deals in your add units. For example, we only wanted PS4 or Playstation deals on the following page. ...... more
RE: Expire Promotion Sat 15:11 icodes [Reply]
Expired deals will now stay in the ad units but marked as expired, this will give you chance to extend the expiry dates if required. They will still be clickable but be faded out as can be seen here... (unless we have just deleted expired) http://ww...... more
Expire Promotion Fri 20:12 icodes [Reply]
You can now Expire your promotions early if you find they no longer work... Click on the edit Type your entered affiliate ID for some security that its you. Click 'Expire Promotion' The promotion will still show until we delete expired, but i...... more
RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) Wed 10:13 Admin [Reply]
Thats great, yeah Google has been able to index javascript for quite a few years now, initially it wasn't able to. If you want to use the plugin (shortcodes) version then it's been updated now, I think I know why you couldn't get it working but it's...... more
RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) Wed 08:38 codesandoffers [Reply]
Lee, FYI.. The promotions that I added for LittleBird yesterday afternoon are now on the first page of Google. I used the java script version. Barbara...... more
RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) Tue 19:01 Admin [Reply]
No, you can have as many as you want, but you can only display up to 50 from a single merchant, so for more than 50 just set the sort to "random" and it will show different ones on each page load....... more
RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) Tue 18:32 codesandoffers [Reply]
Does it just allow six promotions per merchant? ...... more
RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) Tue 18:01 Admin [Reply]
Cheers Barbara, just seen them, they look good :-) We will be adding loads of promotions ourselves, thats how we planned to monetize the free service, so basically everyone has the same chances of making money out of it as we do. The hardest part f...... more
RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) Tue 12:38 codesandoffers [Reply]
Lee, its brilliant! Thanks.. I will add some to it.. Barbara ...... more