RE: Alternative to Paypal Wed 17:56 jayj26 [Reply]
Take a look at Paymentlock all types of cards are accepted and you can setup recurring billing for your icodes monthly subscriptions, if you want to. Check it out and if it looks like something that you might be inte...... more
RE: Witt International (Awin) Wed 09:29 icodes [Reply]
Yeah it's already on using their old merchant ID 5138 (new one is 8999), I'll replace the ID and delete the merchant from pending. You can find these details via Merchants > Find Merchant...... more
Witt International (Awin) Wed 09:20 codesandoffers [Reply]
Lee, Witt International (Awin) is already on, I think it's possibly 'look again' but I'm not sure where to find it. Could you look into it? Thanks, Barbara...... more
RE: SAS merchants Mon 11:59 Admin [Reply]
Done...... more
SAS merchants Fri 21:07 londonbeat [Reply]
Hello, Merchant to add: Zapals (SAS) and to remove: Plussizefix (SAS) ...... more
RE: MountainSteals - AL Tue 19:58 Admin [Reply]
Its already on....... more
MountainSteals - AL Tue 17:22 londonbeat [Reply]
Hello, please add MountainSteals (Avantlink) to your feeds. Thanks...... more
New Merchants Added for Webgains UK Mon 16:50 icodes [Reply]
Because Webgains have finally provided us with a merchant list feed we have been able to add around 100 missing Webgains UK merchants, this brings us 100% up to date with this networks live merchants, and enabled us to remove the closed merchants. D...... more
How to add new merchants to iCodes Sat 20:35 icodes [Reply]
If anyone wants to help add new merchants to iCodes i'll do a video tutorial for each network and post it here.. Go to Merchants > Pending Merchants... (here is a list of merchants imported from networks, however not all data is in network feeds so...... more
New merchants added for Shareasale Wed 20:04 icodes [Reply]
We have added quite a lot of new merchants for the Shareasale network, please make sure you select them as JOINED to ensure you get your IDs on them.. Configure Feed > My Merchants > Shareasale....... more
RE: OiP payg Wed 14:43 icodes [Reply]
Just noticed the link works fine using our ID 372728 ... But doesn't work using your ID 111530 unless t...... more
RE: OiP payg Tue 07:38 icodes [Reply]
The bug isn't in the feed, the glitch is caused on the redirect via the agency (affilired).. however the link works fine when clicked from here...,-25%-off-from-Diamond-Resorts-a...... more OiP payg Mon 23:49 londonbeat [Reply]
Hi, I found a bug in feed. I have this it is add address at the end, it should be more
RE: WordPress 4.7.4 [rel=“noopener noreferrer”] Sat 11:15 icodes [Reply]
If that's the case then the coders of Wordpress must be brain dead, most users of Wordpress are affiliates. I'll look into it......... more
WordPress 4.7.4 [rel=“noopener noreferrer”] Fri 21:59 codesandoffers [Reply]
Hi.. Can anyone help me understand this issue? I updated Wordpress to 4.7.4 and since then I have had no sales. I have found since that the new update automatically adds to the affiliate urls. I have also found an artic...... more
RE: New merchants - Avantlink Mon 15:16 icodes [Reply]
I think we now have all the Avanlink merchants added....... more
RE: New merchants - Avantlink Fri 18:41 londonbeat [Reply]
yes, I just received info from AL :)...... more
RE: New merchants - Avantlink Fri 18:34 icodes [Reply]
Sivana... No longer active in the AvantLink network. That soon vanished haha...... more
RE: New merchants - Avantlink Fri 15:24 icodes [Reply]
Done...... more
New merchants - Avantlink Fri 14:24 londonbeat [Reply]
Hello, please add new merchants on Avantlink: Bourbon & Boots Sivana Thanks...... more