RE: Living Social and Wowcher Fri 11:42 Admin [Reply]
So far i've looked at Wowcher and it appears each day its importing the 10,000 expired deals which are also deleted daily.. thankfully they arn't going in the feeds expired arn't included. I'll ask Vincent to look into using those feed urls you ha...... more
Living Social and Wowcher Fri 11:15 codesandoffers [Reply]
Hi Lee.. I am into the forum now, but does it look different? The Living Social and Wowcher feeds last updated in awin on the 11th July, I have tried all ways to contact Living Social and have now given up! I have the live feeds which I will let yo...... more
RE: Trying to join merchants on AF Mon 12:14 wizardpc [Reply]
they really are amateurs...... more
RE: Trying to join merchants on AF Sun 14:47 icodes [Reply]
I'm now trying to get owed payment from them, according to the FAQ I may need to complete some 'Financial Details' (must be a newish thing as we have had payments in the past) On clicking on the Financial Details section it logs me out, then when tr...... more
RE: Trying to join merchants on AF Sun 14:27 wizardpc [Reply]
it's a rubbish network - Im amazed they're still going...... more
RE: Trying to join merchants on AF Sun 11:48 icodes [Reply]
After hours of joining new AF merchants i managed 56 then suddenly all the remainder 'not joined merchants' no longer exist?? Before.. After.. more
Trying to join merchants on AF Sat 16:29 icodes [Reply]
Using the affiliate future interface is like wading through treacle, so trying to join the remainder 341 merchants 1 by 1 is near on impossible. Here is a video of us trying to join merchants.. after only joining 1 I decide to contact their teleph...... more
AdvertiserHub (Free Advertiser and Affiliate Service) Fri 13:08 icodes [Reply]
Advertiser Hub is a directory of advertiser details and deals which have been aggregated from the top networks, categorised, tidied then made available to affiliates in a very useful, quick and user friendly enviro...... more
RE: Astute Shopping Thu 15:36 wizardpc [Reply]
who knows they switched shopwindow off without telling me - broke 2 of my sites they've paid me a small amount of compensation having realised they didn't act very responsibly just sent you something...... more
RE: Astute Shopping Thu 15:06 icodes [Reply]
Awin are going on a buying spree, they have recently purchased Shareasale in the US and Affilinet. Maybe they are needing to buy out other networks to keep the same amount of business they are used to....... more
RE: Astute Shopping Thu 13:52 wizardpc [Reply]
it's impossible to compete - there really doesn't seem any solution as far as I can tell. Affiliate window is also killing smaller affiliates - quite frankly I hope they go bust. Theyre appalling...... more
RE: Astute Shopping Sun 21:10 icodes [Reply]
It is much harder now to compete as the big sites are more preferred by google than ever before, which obviously also impacts us massively, our business model was to provide a very cheap service so the vast majority of smaller affiliates could afford...... more
RE: Astute Shopping Sun 20:34 shrewdie [Reply]
Hi Ian, Yeah I noticed you aren't renewing your iCodes account, this actually saddened me because you have been one of the top VIP users, along with Barbara and Andrew.. Its just not the same without...... more
RE: Astute Shopping Sat 22:52 icodes [Reply]
Hi Ian, Yeah I noticed you aren't renewing your iCodes account, this actually saddened me because you have been one of the top VIP users, along with Barbara and Andrew.. Its just not the same without the chat discussions and arguments lol. If we wer...... more
Astute Shopping Sat 16:14 shrewdie [Reply]
Hi Lee, changes at meant that required a substantial amount of recoding in order to continue to function properly. Iím not really capable of do what is required and I donít think the level of income that latterly has be...... more
RE: Introducting AdvertiserHub Fri 08:30 icodes [Reply]
We are planning on trying to make it useful as possible to find merchants and their deals, any more ideas would be welcomed....... more
RE: Introducting AdvertiserHub Thu 15:57 wizardpc [Reply]
That looks great - going to take a look...... more
Introducting AdvertiserHub Sat 22:44 Admin [Reply]
We are currently developing a new service which is FREE for affiliates to use, it's purpose is to get auto updating codes and offers on content websites without the need to any technical abilities or costs. Please note, it's...... more Database Issue Thu 12:37 icodes [Reply]
Just to let you know we are aware of the database issue on and are looking into it.. Update, the site is back online however the host has had to increase the max connections for this to happen, our logs show nobody is using excessi...... more
Tidestore Anniversary Celebrations and Exclusive Coupons in August Tue 02:59 [Reply]
Tidestore Anniversary Sale, Whole Site Up To 95% Off + Extra 5% OFF with no limitation, code ID:tidestore-5 Free Shipping Over $69 End date:14/08 (US Time? SAS MID:45079 email? more