RE: Wowcher Wed 21:47 codesandoffers [Reply]
I have used.. 05/columns/aw_deep_link,product_name,aw_product_id,merchant_product_id,merchant_image_url,description,merchant_cat...... more
RE: Wowcher Wed 20:05 icodes [Reply]
We import from awin using the merchant ID so it needs to be 3595, the ID 17405 isn't an ID for a merchant on awin so won't work with the links we use.. e.g. for wowcher we use... more
RE: Wowcher Tue 13:44 codesandoffers [Reply]
It doesn't look as though wowcher is still working, I notice that they have a new feed id. It's 17405 not 3595, maybe if you change that it will work. I had notification about living social and guessed the branding in the live feed for wowcher. It se...... more
RE: Alternative to Paypal Fri 21:40 icodes [Reply]
Looks like we had a lucky escape anyway.... ...... more
Awin Logos Fri 20:35 icodes [Reply]
It appears awin merchants are gradually losing their logos, are the baffoons at awin changing the logo urls?...... more
Alternative to Paypal Fri 20:29 icodes [Reply]
We want to give an alternative to PayPal for those users who cannot use PayPal for whatever reason, someone recommended but shockingly they refused our application with the following reply... "We appreciate your interest in 2Checkout...... more
RE: Wowcher Fri 20:25 icodes [Reply]
Thanks for that Barbara :-)...... more
RE: Wowcher Fri 13:10 codesandoffers [Reply]
The only ones I know are... https://public-api.livingsocial.c...... more
RE: Wowcher Fri 11:40 icodes [Reply]
What is the new feed url?, or do you mean the fields have changed?...... more
Wowcher Thu 23:38 codesandoffers [Reply]
Tonights autobot for wowcher are expired, there is a new feed for living social, I assume it will be the same for wowcher. Barbara...... more
RE: help with errror Wed 10:11 icodes [Reply]
That has nothing to do with getting links.. please read... All the data is in the XML feeds which should be automatically importing into your site without having to manually get any ...... more
help with errror Wed 00:51 benjib [Reply]
Hi guys, I get this error when trying to get links can anyone help please......... You currently don't have sufficient permissions to use this facility, you can request increased permissions via the live chat box. ...... more
PayPal and Subscription Thieves Fri 15:14 icodes [Reply]
Not sure what makes my blood boil most... People who claim back full refunds for a subscription service they say they haven't used, or PayPal for ignoring our part refund offer and actually refunding the thieves the money for a full year without stat...... more
RE: eBay Mon 20:56 icodes [Reply]
Go to 'My Merchants' and use the drop down select box to show only 'Home and Garden' then look through those merchants....... more
RE: eBay Mon 20:52 codesandoffers [Reply]
I have put some amazon on....... more
RE: eBay Mon 20:51 icodes [Reply]
Only Amazon springs to mind....... more
RE: eBay Mon 20:46 codesandoffers [Reply]
Thanks, is there anyone else? Don't think they should get it for nothing, but would like to offer the alternative.. Barbara...... more
RE: eBay Mon 20:41 icodes [Reply]
You can use ours but it won't earn anyone any money, they sent us an email asking if we used our IDs in a browser addon, on each occasion we replied with "no we don't...", but they kept sending us further warnings as if they never received our replie...... more
eBay Mon 20:09 codesandoffers [Reply]
Lee, do you have an ebay affiliate id that I can use, I would like to add some gardening tools but don't use ebay. I have a site that is number one for most keywords and google is continually crawling. Barbara...... more
RE: icodes feed - grouping merchants, categories and tags Fri 16:23 icodes [Reply]
Regarding the tag's you will need to ask Premiumpress If it's imported other categories then you must have some merchants set as joined which also contain deals in those unwanted categories. In such cases then you will probably need to import by ca...... more